Interview with Pierre Pouletty, IPH Board Chairman

How do you explain the good performance of IPH group networks in a still uncertain economic environment?

First of all, we are currently benefiting from a booming environment: the market saw strong growth in 2011. Furthermore, we are reaping the rewards of investments made over several years, both in our transmission, machining and general industrial supplies businesses and in terms of human resources: training, hiring and support. These are key aspects of our strategy, giving our teams and agencies the means to deliver every day the services our customers need, from SMEs to major multinationals.

What are your ambitions to develop the IPH group?

First and foremost, we are going to pursue our strategy by accelerating growth through acquisitions in France and Europe. This is shown by the recent announcement of the acquisition of ZITEC Industrietechnik and Wilhelm Jung in Germany. IPH can now serve its international customers through a top-class network and strengthen its positions in the field of mechanical transmission, the group’s core business.

We also count on the quality of our human resources. Numerous initiatives are being taken in each network to optimize technical skills and support the group’s talents. This is a very important aspect of the personality of IPH. Finally, we continue to invest in our logistics, a key factor to satisfy our customers, whatever the products we distribute.





You speak of the personality of IPH. What values are shared in your networks?

Our respective cultures foster the autonomy of each network, which defines the action plans that best suit its customer, while drawing on the group’s skills and know-how. This approach also results in a high degree of local autonomy for each manager, because the solution delivered to the customer is necessarily tailor-made.

Then, the customer is at the centre of our organization. In the group it is sometimes said that our teams put too much effort into resolving the customer’s problems. In my opinion, that is our trademark, our strength, and I am careful to ensure the focus of our organization always remains centred on the customer.
Lastly, we should remember that a distribution network only works thanks to women and men who make it up. The abilities and commitment of our networks’ staff are exceptional. Let’s see to it that the conditions for this success are always maintained.