Our brand Giss

GISS, professional products for professionals.

GISS, the IPH group’s own brand.
GISS is a competitive product range aimed at the daily maintenance needs of industrial customers. With over 14,000 items in 11 product lines, GISS more particularly addresses the demand for globalized and simplified purchasing.

The product range
GISS products are developed in partnership with the most renowned industrialists in their branch of industry. Designed for professional applications, GISS never compromises on quality.

GISS brand offers a comprehensive range structured around the same IPH Group’s main trades : 

  • 2 technical trades: power transmission, and machining
  • 1 industrial supply, covering tooling, fitting out, assembly and personal protection.


   Power Transmission






Industrial Supply







Hardware & Sanitation


  • A development team totally dedicated to GISS.
  • A comprehensive technical range.
  • A product range favouring user safety above all.
  • A rigorous book of specifications designed with our customers.
  • Stringent tests and controls to ensure the GISS guarantee.



  • A GISS product must satisfy 15 selection criteria to be certified.
  • The product range must comply with the most stringent market standards.
  • Tests are carried out in 2 stages
    • in a laboratory on a test bench,
    • in real conditions of use

To date the GISS range is distributed exclusively by IPH’s networks and partners in France and the Netherlands.