Our business


A European distributor of industrial supplies, IPH is the privileged partner of all players in industrial sectors for their maintenance and production needs, whatever their size and their branch of industry.

Most of IPH’s customers are industrialists, but they also include service companies, local and regional authorities, etc.

Companies organize maintenance operations or make finished products that may need components. The job of IPH is to satisfy this need by supplying its customers with technical components either as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or for maintenance (MRO: Maintenance and Repair Operation), as well as any more non-specialist products they may need (tooling, handling, etc.).

Our approach requires several skills:

Expertise Product availability Value-added
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 Competitiveness  Innovation
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IPH operates on two types of market in Europe

MRO (Maintenance and Repair operations):

Our products and services are used in all industrial maintenance processes: preventive, remedial and curative. This is the largest market in volume for IPH’s networks.




OEM (Original Equipment manufacturer):

Our products and services are used as components of products manufactured or assembled by our customers.
The applications in Europe represent an estimated market of 130 billion euros, 70 billion of which are covered by professional distribution

Our customers

IPH group brands are in daily contact with industrial customers of all sizes in all branches of industry.

heavy-industry chemical food-processing energy
Heavy industry Chemical and pharmaceutical industries Food-processing industries Energy
automotive petrochemicals mechanical-engineering transport
Automotive Petrochemicals Mechanical Engineering Transport