Social responsibility

Preserve the local fabric

At IPH Group, we think that preserving the local industrial fabric is the company’s responsibility. This is why we have chosen proximity, to remain open everywhere, even with small outlets.

We don’t have a call centre. We operate through 10 networks of almost 250 branches in Europe. These outlets are located throughout Europe, in the densest industrial parks to the most remote areas.

Maintain our customers at the centre of our business

At IPH Group, we think that wherever possible, online sourcing should not grow to the detriment of our local relations.

Online sourcing is not an alternative to our business, it is a complementary service we offer to exchange, consult and order products whenever you need to.
We wish to remain vigilant and refrain from an exclusively digital approach that would replace our technical sales associates, business managers, engineers and trade specialists, whether they work in our agencies or in your workshops.
Because it is through dialogue between our technicians and your maintenance managers or production managers that we share our best practices for the good of all, that we identify the most suitable technical solutions.


Drive youth employment

This is one of the must important commitment of the IPH networks. Developing human resources is the linchpin of its growth model, based on proximity and local autonomy.

Internal sales academies
Nurturing talents
In-service training

Protect the environment on a daily basis

Energy management has become a necessity that involves a combination of renewable energies and energy efficiency in order to manufacture in a green manner and consume resources better and less.

Setting an example

  • To its customers, small, medium-sized and large companies: the IPH networks contribute solutions that encourage the adoption of products selected from product lines assigned quality labels by suppliers or by IPH within the framework of our private label GISS.
  • With its staff: IPH heightens awareness of good practices to be followed in all agencies: power consumption, heating and air-conditioning, paper usage…A veritable Eco-citizenship charter that encourages the right reactions every day.
  • All the catalogues and brochures published by the group bear the label

The 5 key areas of intervention:

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and suppliers
Consumption Buildings Waste
(people and goods)