Customers commitments



Every day, the logistics centres and agencies plan requirements, procure and store products to offer a comprehensive range with ever shorter lead times.
Logistical flows adapt to the specifics of local geography, markets and customers to optimize product availability and quality of service and delivery.


Buying patterns are becoming more diverse. Customers are looking for increasingly specialized and personalized service and information. IPH’s networks constantly devise new schemes, sales channels and services that include the latest innovations.
With their suppliers and customers, each network favours digital exchanges of information by developing customized interfaces.


Expertise and local relations

Distributing reliable, comprehensive and cost-effective solutions is the main expertise of IPH’s networks. Its know-how is recognized by all its counterparts: from maintenance to purchasing management.

Services and downstream integration

Present upstream and downstream with suppliers and customers, IPH’s networks deploy an increasingly integrated service in transactional and logistical processes. In particular they take charge of all or part of the procurement of key accounts, who expect support after contracts are signed: e-procurement, improvement plan, assistance in deploying contracts…


IPH’s networks negotiate the keenest prices with nearly 15,000 suppliers. With GISS, the group’s own brand, customers also benefit from an economical alternative without compromising on quality.
Our technical and sales teams advise and guide customers in their purchases according to their need, budget and productivity gain targets.
By guaranteeing the best offer, by advising its customers regarding the performance of their plant and equipment, by intervening directly in maintenance processes and by guaranteeing availability, IPH’s networks optimize costs throughout the life cycle of the product.